Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Supported Living Overnight Program 26-29 Sept 2009 (Sat - Tue)

i) 26th Sept: Segi College, Developing Leadership Skills Workshop: organized by Adventure Club / Dayspring and in partnership with Leaderonomics.
ii) 3 Days 2 Nights at Awana Genting

The aim was to build leadership skills, self confidence and to learn the basics of public speaking. 4 SL members were there to participate in this event. The event was fairly well organized with simple yet understandable presentation and each group was supported by a facilitator from Segi / Leaderonomics and supporters from each organizations. The workshop was packed with lots of fun games and activities. The presentators were funny and entertaining. Our group had enjoyed it so much.

The main reason of going for an outing or camping is to teach the youth on how to pack lightly for convenient traveling because they all will be carrying their own bags and stuffs. Also, to learn independent skills on managing own self. Before the outing/camping, we reminded the youth to pack properly and try to keep things light for easy carrying. Make sure they have enough clothing, toiletries, plastic bags for dirty clothing, money and documents.
We did a powerpoint presentation about appropriate social interaction skills and how to respect each other within the group. For example bullying, we raised the point that all this doesn't only happen in the outside world but also in our own group. We asked each other if any of this ever happened to them and most of them said yes, whether in school, in public or anywhere else. They expressed their feelings and opinions to the group. We also did a recap about Appropriate Clothing since we were going to a Restaurant Buffet at Awana.
We had a buffet dinner at Awana, thanks to one of the SL parents for kindly supporting us. Although we did Appropriate clothing presentation that day, some of the youth still came with unsuitable dress to the restaurant. We need to be stronger in our approach with this subject in the future. (Where are the fashion police?). We enjoyed the buffet dinner and later were entertained by the local trio singers band, playing and singing evergreen songs. The youth took the chances to dedicate songs and danced and sang the night away. Before returning to our hotel, we played in the arcade nearby and just had fun.

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