Thursday, January 22, 2009

Supported Living New Year's Bash 2009

Attended by all the participants and their families (parents and siblings), staff and volunteers, this was truly a fun evening for all of us.
This year's gift to the youths was a karaoke set from Dignity & Services. A decision which was met by some trepidation from some of us, "Is this really a good idea especially the house is in the mid link terrace house" we asked.
Yes! noise level did go up, however the fun and confidence the youth showed, hanging on to their microphones and singing to their hearts content, made the party.

Date: Sunday 18 Jan 2009
Time: 6.30pm

Yee Sang

the search for the next Idol begins...

food, food and more food...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Highlights of the Overnight Stay

Volunteerism underpin this program and on this weekend saw two young volunteer participating and showing skills as peers.
Wei Yuen, a psychology student from New Zealand has been with us since December 2008.
Ho Li Ann, a sibling of one of the participants of Supported Living has been with us since early January 2009.

Date: Saturday 17 January 2009
Events: Baking Cake, Making New Year Decoration and Night outing at One Utama.

Making cake

looks very delicious

making Chinese New Year decorations for the house

Night out at One Utama

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A camping experience with a difference

A group of 8 youth spent 3 days and 2 nights in AMANDIRI near Bentong Pahang. This camping site is being built by a retired lawyer Mr Tan who over a period of several years has been designing and building this camp site on his own.

With NO hot water and electricity it was a truly sobering experience for all of us. The project is not quite finished yet and our special needs youth have been invited to help participate in the completion of this project on a monthly basis and we have agreed to this. This is what most of us call a character building experience.

Date: 15 Dec - 17 Dec 2008
Venue: Janda Baik, Pahang

Touch Therapy with Mr.Wahab

Picnic at Selesa Hommes

Fun at nearby waterfall site.

Taking a break and eating homemade ice-creams.

Time to go back to civilization.

Group picture with Mr.Tan

Having lunch at McDonalds.

Free Expression through Art

The Supported Living group embarked on a group project to learn how to draw and paint. This finished piece of work on a canvas 6ft by 4 ft is their ultimate pride and joy. The facilitator was an art therapist, a former assistant special needs teacher Reena Clare who took the whole group of 10 youth with learning disabilities through this most exhilarating experience during 6 days in December 2008.

This piece of canvas may appear simply as a splash of colour done haphazardly, however on the contrary, this finished piece embodies the very symbols of experiences and people who have brought great joy to these 10 individuals involved. This is their unedited and untouched piece of work in every sense of the word!!!

1st art piece together.

All work and no play? NO WAY.

Working in progress....

Final piece... finally!