Monday, October 26, 2009

Supported Living Overnight Program 23-25 Oct 2009 (Fri - Sun)

i) Leadership Skills Training Program by SEGI College - Recap

- To give an opportunity to partipants to give feedback about what they learnt to the other group members

i) Pravena Farewell Day.

- To thank volunteer Pravena from University Malaya for her great effort and assistance throughout her Placement with D&S. The youth presented a beautiful Thank You card with signatures from all members and shared a few words of appreciation.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Supported Living Day Program 19 October 2009

i) Visiting the family Mr Chanthiran for Deepavali Open House.

- To teach the group skills for appropriate social behavior when in someone else's house.

We were kindly invited by this family to their open house, this was great, considering many do not get a chance to visit their indian friends during festivals. We got lost for a while but eventually managed to find the place. We presented a gift of fruits and a Deepavali Card signed by our youth.
We were served by great Deepavali themed delicacies with thosai, muruku with chicken and lamb.
At the end of the short but sweet visit, each of our youth was given a Deepavali Angpow! It was a thoroughly enjoyable day in the spirit of ` One Malaysia `!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Supported Living Overnight Program 10-11 Oct 2009 (Sat - Sun)

i) Games and Fun activities with Help University Students

- To teach the group skills for better communication.
a) How to start a conversation
b) How to accept NO in a positive manner.
4 Students from Help University College spent some quality time with our youth by playing group games and fun activities. They did very well and kept the activities and games simple but fun for our youth to participate. This was their first experience and they were very effective in conducting a teaching session which included every individual no matter how severe their disabilities

ii) Discussion about The Meaning of Deepavali

Pravena from University Malaysia Student shared some brief details about her knowledge of Deepavali. Very interesting celebration. Now, we know why its celebrated in such a colourful way.