Monday, September 14, 2015

Annual baking marathon for SDB

We completed our latest baking marathon for SDB Annual General Meeting!!
Congratulations bakers and thank you SDB for your support throughout the years!
It has been a pleasure baking for you.

Happy faces at the end of a successful marathon!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

International Charity Day Carnival by MagnumCares

            Last Saturday was a little different from our regular weekends, we woke up bright and early but this time, we headed to a different park and not for the purpose of carrying out our morning exercises. We were headed to the Taman Jaya park to attend a carnival organised by MagnumCares.

            We have been very fortunate to received support from Magnum 4D for the last two years and this year, in conjunction with World International Charity Day, MagnumCares organised a large-scaled carnival in order to support D&S and 7 other non-governmental organisations. 
             Dignity & Services was offered a booth which functioned both as an information booth as well as to sell products made from Bake With Dignity as part of our contribution to the carnival. We sold herb bread loaves, Salted caramel fudge brownies, Fudge brownies, Durian loaves, Pandan loaves, Chempedak cake loaves, Coffee walnut cookies, Cranberry cookies and Pineapple tarts. Within a few hours, all our baked goods were sold out and that feeling of accomplishment truly overwhelmed us!

           Once we were done with our responsibilities, we had time to enjoy the carnival. Although all our members have families that they return to at the end of the program, not many are able to enjoy luxuries such as going to a carnival or being a part of a large community gathering. This may be due to varied reasonable circumstances. Thus, this was a beautiful opportunity truly cherished by all of them. Nicholas and Keat Lai enjoyed trying out all different food available, Onn enjoyed the drums played during the Lion dance, Tiong thoroughly enjoyed all the dance performances while dancing to the beat with his own steps and Foustina, the latest addition to the D&S Team enjoyed the whole atmosphere of the carnival which was very different from the atmosphere back in Sabah.

          Thank you MagnumCares for your support through the years and for this memorable experience that we will keep with us for a long time to come. Although we did not manage to take many pictures, here are a few pictures of our booth and our group pictures.

Setting up the stall
Final group picture after a long, fun-filled day!

Party time!

We are online!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
with great pleasure and a warm fuzzy feeling inside, 
we would like to bring you 
Our Website!!!

With a very grateful heart we would like to thank our volunteer 
Ravind Muniandy for his hardwork and time in making this website a success!

Do visit us today to learn more about our cause and support us, 
individuals with learning disabilities today! :)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Talk at Full Gospel Assembly

On the 22nd of August, Ivy was invited to Full Gospel Assembly to share about Dignity and Services and the programs we offer. The talk was attended by members of the FGA Parents Support Group for parents with children having learning disabilities. Taking this as a good opportunity for self-advocacy, all full-time D&S members attended the event together with Ivy and Helen and we got to meet many parents and their children who had learning disabilities just like us. 
Ivy shared about our history, our current projects and our future aspirations. She then invited Ee Hunt to come up and share his experience with D&S and Ee Hunt shared a very heartfelt sharing about his journey thus far.
It was a new and special experience and we hope to be able to meet with many more communities of persons with learning disabilities and their families to share our experience and learn from one another.
Here are a few pictures of the event.

Ee Hunt sharing about his experience 

Our talk had a very good reception with over 40 parents attending 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fundraising by PayPal

Less than a month ago, as a joint effort by the different departments in Paypal Malaysia, staff came together to hold a small fundraiser in support of Dignity & Services. 

They very graciously opened their doors to us having a Buka Puasa Bazaar right at their pantry. Small boutique owners sold dresses, sarees and accesories, other staff made home-cooked chicken curry and other delicacies that were all sold out. We were even offered a stall to sell our Bake with Dignity cakes and cookies!

Our nicely decorated booth for the day

Come get our colourful cookies jars now available upon purchase of cookies!

D&S would like to sincerely thank Paypal for their time and support.
Your support helps us go the distance!