Monday, February 18, 2013

Prepare cincau (grass jelly) lemon drink with Keat Yue

Keat Yue one of the sibling of Keat Lai introduce members on how to make cincau lemon drink during tea time.  Everyone took turns cutting the cincau into small pieces to make the drink.

Cincau (Grass jelly) is made by boiling the aged and slightly oxidized stalks and leaves of  Mesona Chinensis (member of the mint family) with potassium carbonate for several hours with a little starch and then cooling the liquid to a jelly-like consistency. This jelly can be cut into cubes or other forms, and then mixed with syrup to produce a drink or dessert thought to have cooling (yin) properties, which makes it typically consumed during hot weather. The jelly itself has a slight bitter taste, a light iodine lavender flavor, and is a translucent black.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bowling with Standard Chartered

Saturday afternoon outing with Standard Chartered Team, SL members had fun experience bowling with Standard Chartered at 1 Utama. Wai keen got the top score during the game, followed by Matthew second place and third place was Nicholas. Matthew fell few times during the game just to bet Wai Keen's score. While playing we all had donuts and managed to make better friends with Standard Chartered Team.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Recycling household waste / making compost

Teaching SL members about recycling household waste and make compost out of it. Ivan Ho a local organic farmer was invited to conduct this teaching session on 19th January 2013. The particpants collected fruit peel from the One Two Juice stall the week before and were all very pleased that at last we could put all of this lovley fruit peel to good use!! Dried leaves were than collected and torn into small pieces. The compost bin bought from CETDEM was placed outside under the mango tree and the individuals layered the fruit and vegetable waste, dried leaves, garden soil and some brown sugar and also spinkled some water in between to keep it moist, The compost should be ready for use to grow and fertilise our plants in about 4-9 weeks.