Sunday, December 20, 2009

Supported Living Holiday Program 18-20 December 2009 (Fri-Sun)

i) Event: 3days 2nights Camping at Selesa Home
Date: 18-20 Dec 2009 (Fri-Sun)

Objectives: To enable the group to organise and enjoy outdoor activities and develop friendship

Monday, December 14, 2009

Supported Living Holiday Program 11-13 Dec 2009 (Fri - Sun)

i) SL Member Julie's Birthday Celebration

- To teach individuals to care for each other

i) Event: 2nd Putrajaya International 12hr Walk 2009
Venue: Putrajaya
Date: 12-13 Dec 2009
Time: 8pm - 8am
Organizer: Persatuan Lumba Jalan Kaki Malaysia

- Participants: Fendi, Qi Han & Wai Keen and Julie Wong


~To enable youth with Learning Disabilities to participate as equals in maistream sports events
~To raise funds for Dignity & Services through our veteran sports woman and loyal volunteer Julie Wong.
- Persons with Learning Disabilities participating in mainstream international sports event.
- We all did the minimum 26km walk within 9 hours to get the medals and certificates.
- It was the longest sports event we ever participated in. We surely got lots of experience on how to prepare next time. We were all tired by the 20th km but we all didn't give up and kept on walking 6km more! It was 5am we decided not to push ourselves any further, we all collapsed on the floor and just slept! It certainly was a unique experience and a great achievement for our youth with learning disabilities- completing 26 kms, something that most of us may never be able to achieve in our lives. And what a relief for Fendi, our support staff, he managed to preserve his ego and dignity by not doing less than 26 kms !!!!! (Fendi did 30km instead)

The Victory picture with our medals. We have done the minimum 26km walk and our body was so tired, hungry and sleepy.

Julie Wong, our veteran sports woman and volunteer managed to complete 55 km!!! great achievement and Congratulations Julie !! and Many Thanks for raising some funds to support our work at Dignity & Services.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Supported Living Holiday Program 3-6 Dec 2009 (Thur-Sun)

Event: Walkabrella 3.8km
Venue: Central Park, 1 Utama
Date: Sunday 6 Dec 2009
Time: 7am - 4pm
Organizer: KDU College
Participants: Fendi, Qi Han & Matthew

To create awareness on Cerebral Palsy.
To gather as many people to participate in a walk-for-a-cause event with umbrellas wide open as a significance of shelter and security.
Broke the Malaysia book of Records!