Monday, September 14, 2009

Supported Living Overnight Program 12-13 sept 2009 (Sat - Sun)

i) Furniture Painting
ii) Pravena Cake Making, Cornflakes Cookies

Painting have always been fun and exciting to them. We decided to paint the garden table outside to make it looked nicer. We opened 3 cans of paint; Red, Green and Yellow, and asked the youths to decide on what colour they wanted the table to be. So, Yellow was the colour chosen by them. We got Yellow paint all over our fingers, feet and even our hair!

Pravena from UM, was teaching the youths on how to make cornflakes cookies. As usual, we INSIST them all to wash their hands (ourselves included) before touching any of the cake making materials because we were planning to make safe, hygienic and eatable-cookies for tea-time. This was also fun for all of us because we were making our own food, learning the ways to mix ingredients and bake with the right temperature. It's not a 5 star standard cookies but still, homemade tastes better.

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