Monday, September 22, 2008

Pacemakers Track Meet 2008

Date : 21 September 2008 (Sunday)
Venue : Kampung Pandan Sports Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Time : 7am

For the past one year, the youths under the OPTIONS program had been training at the Taman Rimba TTDI on every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. This is part of their learning program on healthy living besides sharpening their skills on basic living from mopping the floor, preparing a simple meals, taking a bus ride to making their own decision in life.

Qi Han, Ken Han, Wai Kin, Chung Jien, William, Yudhesh and Julie have been training with their 'coach' Julie Wong for almost a year in preparation to eventually taking part in public races and running alongside the ordinary folks. So, when a group of elite runners who called themselves Der Pacemakers decided to hold a Track Meet, Julie Wong seized the opportunity and asked the Captain, Ronnie See to incorporate a special category. Ronnie was very accomodative and agreed to include a Special Category.

On 21 September 2008, 7 youths together with Mettilda the Executive Director of Dignity & Services and the Program Coordinator, Asha arrived at the sports centre at 7.30am. They were truly excited as this will be their 1st public event!
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Arriving at the stadium in jubilant mood!

Briefing by Julie Wong on the regulation of the track event

Julie, the sole female runner in the Special Category

Ken Han, in his casual mood

Qi Han, has great potential and impressed the crowd with his speed

William, ran like an amateur

Wai Kin, another potential in long distance running

Yudhesh, another potential sprinter in track and field event

Chung Jien, despite his limitation he made a grand finishing and won the hearts of many for his determination

Mingling with other participants during the medals presentations


Thank you to Der Pacemakers Group especially the Captain, Ronnie See for making this a memorable experience for the youths.