Sunday, September 20, 2009

Supported Living Day Program 19 September 2009

i) Discussion about The Meaning of Hari Raya
- To teach the youth, myself included, the meaning of Hari Raya.
- Why do we puasa? What is Hari Raya? and why do we celebrate it? (Thanks to Wikipedia and my vaguely memories of what i learned in high school)
We managed to create a simple yet understandable powerpoint as a presentation to bring some understanding to the youth about Hari Raya. So now i think we all understand a little bit about this festival, something that is very important living in a multireligious community.

ii) Discussion about Appropriate Clothing
- To increase their knowledge and awareness about appropriate dressing.
We strongly feel a need to do this because of the inappropriate choice of wardrobe for various activities and event, and the need for age appropriate choice of clothes. Well, we don't really know whether that was their fashion statement or them being artistic and wanted to express themselves but we think it's too much "expression" to handle. We hope this brings some changes into their wardrobes.

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