Friday, September 26, 2014

Straw Art

So last weekend, we got our hands into Straw Art. 
So much learning!
So much fun :))

 Observing Ivy work on her piece
 New friends Ee Hunt and Thiong sharing their workstation.
 Jit Heng doesn't need no table. He can use his hands as a stand :D

 Juls focusing on her masterpiece

 Jon doing a fantastic job with his art work!
 And we concluded the day with some story telling :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Making natural mosquito traps

As the aedes mosquito is on the prowl and the number of dengue cases increasing, we at D&S decided to make our own natural mosquito traps to prevent being bitten. And here some of us show you how to go about doing it. 

 First, cut a 1500ml bottle into two parts with a ratio of 3:1, the top half of the bottle having the ratio of 1 and the bottom having a ratio of 3.

 Then measure out 75grams of brown sugar and place it into a large mixing bowl
 Measure out 200ml of hot water and combine it with the brown sugar.
 Stir until the water is no longer warm

 And pour it into the cut out bottle.

 Then pour in one tablespoon of yeast, and do not mix it.
Remove the bottle cap and invert the top half of the bottle into the bottom section. The mouth of the bottle will be inverted into the bottle, however, make sure not to allow the mouth does not touch the liquid. 
 Tape the two sections together.
And walaa.. your mosquito trap is ready! 
Place it in a dark spot and check the trap from time to time.

We hope we have helped you make your home a little more Aedes Mosquito free :D