Friday, August 28, 2015

Talk at Full Gospel Assembly

On the 22nd of August, Ivy was invited to Full Gospel Assembly to share about Dignity and Services and the programs we offer. The talk was attended by members of the FGA Parents Support Group for parents with children having learning disabilities. Taking this as a good opportunity for self-advocacy, all full-time D&S members attended the event together with Ivy and Helen and we got to meet many parents and their children who had learning disabilities just like us. 
Ivy shared about our history, our current projects and our future aspirations. She then invited Ee Hunt to come up and share his experience with D&S and Ee Hunt shared a very heartfelt sharing about his journey thus far.
It was a new and special experience and we hope to be able to meet with many more communities of persons with learning disabilities and their families to share our experience and learn from one another.
Here are a few pictures of the event.

Ee Hunt sharing about his experience 

Our talk had a very good reception with over 40 parents attending 


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