Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A little about Options 2

             OPTIONS is a supported living program run by Dignity & Services with the aim of teaching adults with learning disabilities basic life skills. This concept is based on clear values to help us recognize ourselves as unique individuals capable of making life choices and living independently. These skills are essential especially when our parents or primary caregivers are no longer with us. Options 1 was started in the year 2006 with only 6 members but has since grown to house many more individuals.
             Options 2 was opened in July 2012 with the aim of expanding the reach of the Options program to more individuals with learning disabilities. Despite minor setbacks through the years, Options 2 is now up and going with 6 members joining our program weekly. We are a small group of individuals who come together over the weekend for our overnight stay program. Here we decide for ourselves what we would like to eat, go out grocery shopping to buy all the ingredients, wash, cut and cook meals together, wipe and clean up after we're done, wash our bathrooms and vacuum and mop the floor in our Options home, discuss current affairs and the going-ons in the country, visit places of interest, and go for morning exercises. 
              Options 2 moves at a much slower pace than Options 1. This is important in order to allow us, as individuals to learn and develop without pressure, to learn how to communicate with our peers in our own ways (not necessarily through verbal communication) and to support ourselves and one another in completing daily tasks. Friendships made here are very different from friendships formed outside. We use touch and gestures to communicate, our faces light up at the sight of another friend arriving for the program,  

Here we welcome anyone who would like to be a part of us
Here we do not judge
Here we enjoy companionship 
Here we relate despite our speech difficulties
Here we share jokes without words
Here we share laughter and smiles
Here we love without boundaries
Here we share comfort and tears
Here we do not complain or blame others 
Here we help each other in ways we know how 
Here we are patient and compassionate
Here we help without needing to be asked
Here we look out for one another
Here we lead by example
Here we love.

'The thing about living with any disability is that you adapt, you do what works for you'
Stella Young

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anjeli petra said...


I believbe your Options program is a wonderful gift of love and sharing and would like to volunteer my services the weekend programs in ttdi. Can the person in charge, pse contact me at 016-6956-238. I lost Helens contact no.