Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let's Bake With Dignity


Dear Parents n friends,
Bake With Dignity is an initiative by D&S  for Options members to enhance their baking skills with the ultimate aim of them earning money.

Simply put,  they  learn and earn.

So parents and friends, do pass the word around that Bake with Dignity is ready to receive orders for cakes, cookies n bread.

Baking is on Mondays 10am-3pm. If there are orders, we bake for customers. Proceeds go to D&S n and after taking into account the costs of  ingredients and utilities,  members will be duly paid .

If there is no order,  we will still have lessons on baking. Option members just pay a nominal sum of rm20 per lesson to cover costs. To avoid logistical problem  with money collection, the amount is deducted from the total monthly sum earned by the respective participating Options members.

Regular practice helps  in understanding and mastering the processes.  As some may know, teaching baking just like other forms of mediated learning, requires breaking down the tasks. In some instances, it means simplifying the steps / methods with the goal of completing the tasks successfully and with understanding.

We already have had orders from a couple who owns a cafe through a parent.  Based on  their feedbacks via their regular customers at their eatery, they like our cakes. (See pic)

So we can expect  regular orders from them.

This project is also open to non Options  members (age 13 and above) whose parents/caregivers are looking for avenues for their charges to gain baking skills. A monthly fee of rm200 will be paid to D&S to cover costs of ingredients n utilities.

As there is only one facilitator for this project, the class is kept small.  Maximum no is 4, with 3 places for Options members and the remaining one for non-member. If the response from Options members is poor, then more places can be opened to non members.

Facilitator has certifications in kitchen management, baking and culinary cooking. Taylor's University sponsored the advanced baking course in support of people with learning disabilities to gain baking skills.

Bake With Dignity is very much a work-in-progress. So things may change as we move along. All depends on the number of orders we get and the response from parents. 

In the end, it is about creating opportunities  for persons with learning  disabilities  to gain skills and money.

So parents and friends who share this vision, do give your support.

The project moves and thrives  as long as there is support.


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