Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Awesome Cakes n Bread to Buy

Bake With Dignity offers delectable cakes, cookies, bread and mousse. All baked with the finest ingredients by Options members who are under the aegis of Dignity and Services, an advocacy movement empowering persons with learning disabilities. Proceeds go to Options members as
a means for them to earn money.

To place your order(s), email or text Bakewithdignity at 0192420075. Pastries are baked fresh every Monday. Collect your orders on Mondays after 5pm at Options House No. 49, Pinggir Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kl.


1. Belgium chocolate cake (choc cake with Belgium choc topping) 

2. Red velvet cake with cream cheese topping

3. Pure vanilla butter cake

A retro delight to savour the sheer buttery taste as well as the pure vanilla flavour with the use of vanilla extract.

Alternately, this cake can go with the following toppings:

a. Swiss butter cream
Available in strawberry/raspberry /passion fruits and mango/lemon/pineapple flavour, using real fruits
This cream is light and low in sugar unlike the classic butter cream in which the amount of icing sugar is twice of the butter.

Butter cake with Swiss butter cream
b. Butter cake with caramel topping

4. Carrot walnut cake with cream cheese topping

5.Fudge brownies with walnuts
1 tray 8"x8"

6.The classic Pineapple Upside Down cake (8")

7. Lemon&Orange Cake with Swiss Butter Cream/Cream Cheese Topping

butter/chocolate/ginger/coffee RM1 per piece, with a minimum order of 40 pcs.

An additional cost of rm2 is charged for each of the clear square plastic containers used to pack and seal the cookies. Each box fits 20 pieces.


Multigrain bread with all the goodness of flaxseed, bran, molasses sugar and other fibres in a loaf  RM10

Bread pudding with a hint of cinnamon and raisins baked in a merry mixture of cream, milk and butter. A 8x8" tray

Chocolate Caramel Mousse (made with 100% Belgium chocolate)
As an 8" cake RM80
In clear plastic dessert cups with a minimum order of 8 cups RM80

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