Sunday, July 20, 2008


OPTIONS is a supported living program for persons with learning disabilities. It is about planning for Life. Originated in the USA then United Kingdom in 1980s/90s, the concept is based on clear values that -

Each person is a unique individual

  • Each persons is a unique individual
  • Have their own likes and dislikes
  • Will want to make certain life choices of their own
  • Most individuals will need some form of support throughout their lives to lead an independent life
  • Future Life Planning should start now with full involvement from families
  • It is a fact that parents as carers will not be around forever.
The target group :

Young adults who have just left school or about to leave school

The AIM :

  • To teach them skills in decision making in planning for their future
  • To help family members to begin planning proactively
  • To offer counseling and support to enable parents to 'let go'
  • To create a team of highly skilled support workers
  • To raise public awareness
  • Sharing our values on philosophy with other communities

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