Friday, July 11, 2008

About Us

Dignity & Services (or better known as D&S) is an advocacy movement speaking and acting on behalf of and alongside persons with learning disabilities (intellectual disabilities). D&S aims to be an independent voice to ensure that persons with learning disabilities are offered the basic human right of being treated as full human beings.

Persons with learning disabilities are always amongst those who are disadvantaged in Malaysian society and they receive the least help compared to others who are disabled, thus their conditions fall very short of their basic human rights. And for this very reason Dignity & Services, the first organisation to advocate for persons with learning disabilities in Malaysia was incorporated on 29 July 1991.

Our services include working with (i) Individuals, (ii) Families and (iii) the Community. Every aspect of our service is underpinned by the principles of Self Advocacy by persons with learning disabilities. We offer support through daily telephone counseling and encourage the full participation of family members including siblings in every aspect of decision making and service provision. D&S also help to raise public awareness by working with Government Agencies, the media and educational institutions.

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