Tuesday, September 8, 2015

International Charity Day Carnival by MagnumCares

            Last Saturday was a little different from our regular weekends, we woke up bright and early but this time, we headed to a different park and not for the purpose of carrying out our morning exercises. We were headed to the Taman Jaya park to attend a carnival organised by MagnumCares.

            We have been very fortunate to received support from Magnum 4D for the last two years and this year, in conjunction with World International Charity Day, MagnumCares organised a large-scaled carnival in order to support D&S and 7 other non-governmental organisations. 
             Dignity & Services was offered a booth which functioned both as an information booth as well as to sell products made from Bake With Dignity as part of our contribution to the carnival. We sold herb bread loaves, Salted caramel fudge brownies, Fudge brownies, Durian loaves, Pandan loaves, Chempedak cake loaves, Coffee walnut cookies, Cranberry cookies and Pineapple tarts. Within a few hours, all our baked goods were sold out and that feeling of accomplishment truly overwhelmed us!

           Once we were done with our responsibilities, we had time to enjoy the carnival. Although all our members have families that they return to at the end of the program, not many are able to enjoy luxuries such as going to a carnival or being a part of a large community gathering. This may be due to varied reasonable circumstances. Thus, this was a beautiful opportunity truly cherished by all of them. Nicholas and Keat Lai enjoyed trying out all different food available, Onn enjoyed the drums played during the Lion dance, Tiong thoroughly enjoyed all the dance performances while dancing to the beat with his own steps and Foustina, the latest addition to the D&S Team enjoyed the whole atmosphere of the carnival which was very different from the atmosphere back in Sabah.

          Thank you MagnumCares for your support through the years and for this memorable experience that we will keep with us for a long time to come. Although we did not manage to take many pictures, here are a few pictures of our booth and our group pictures.

Setting up the stall
Final group picture after a long, fun-filled day!

Party time!


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