Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brain Gym Session by Ang Nei - 6th April 2013

Brain Gym is a unique program of physical activities that synchronizes body and mind to enhance learning andf achievement for people of all ages and abilities!
The foundation activities and methods of Brain Gym are safe, easy and enjoyable, and they bring about rapid and often dramatic improvement in:
*Concentration  *Reading  *Writing  *Stress Management   *Behavior 
*Organization  *Memory  *Vision  *Physical Coordination  *Communication


Members doing the "Double Doodle" involves coloring or “doodling” with a piece of chalk or marker in each hand at the same time. Ang Nei ask the members to form simple shapes, faces, letters or designs. This forces members to coordinate using both hands together and to pay attention to the direction of their movements. This activity promotes body awareness since if members looks directly at one of his/her doodling hands, he/she will need to move the other hand without looking at it-by using his/her kinesthetic sense--that tells him/her how he/she is moving.


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