Thursday, February 7, 2013

Recycling household waste / making compost

Teaching SL members about recycling household waste and make compost out of it. Ivan Ho a local organic farmer was invited to conduct this teaching session on 19th January 2013. The particpants collected fruit peel from the One Two Juice stall the week before and were all very pleased that at last we could put all of this lovley fruit peel to good use!! Dried leaves were than collected and torn into small pieces. The compost bin bought from CETDEM was placed outside under the mango tree and the individuals layered the fruit and vegetable waste, dried leaves, garden soil and some brown sugar and also spinkled some water in between to keep it moist, The compost should be ready for use to grow and fertilise our plants in about 4-9 weeks.


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adlerauge horst said...

I always welcome efforts to recycle for a better environment and want to congratulate you on your continuous efforts.

As a suggestion to even further reduce your carbon footprints you should maybe consider to recycle all organic waste materials that you companies produce with the help of earthworms or compost worms.

Worm composting is cheap, an easy process, doesn't produce any bad odors and brings many benefits. Amongst them is the reduction of the production of methane gas which contributes to climate change. The worms are living in worm bins and convert organic waste products into nutrient rich natural fertilizers and pesticides with a great retail value.

If applied properly you might be able to recycle up to 50% of your waste with the help of earthworms.