Saturday, October 17, 2009

Supported Living Day Program 19 October 2009

i) Visiting the family Mr Chanthiran for Deepavali Open House.

- To teach the group skills for appropriate social behavior when in someone else's house.

We were kindly invited by this family to their open house, this was great, considering many do not get a chance to visit their indian friends during festivals. We got lost for a while but eventually managed to find the place. We presented a gift of fruits and a Deepavali Card signed by our youth.
We were served by great Deepavali themed delicacies with thosai, muruku with chicken and lamb.
At the end of the short but sweet visit, each of our youth was given a Deepavali Angpow! It was a thoroughly enjoyable day in the spirit of ` One Malaysia `!!

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jue said...

i truly enjoyed this trip with the youths. the warmth hospitality offered by chanthiran & his family members made this such a memorable outing.

thanks to chanthiran & his family for their great hospitality and warmth shown to all during the visit and hope others will emulate the same.